AB Marine has been operating in the Marine & Offshore and Industry & Infrastructure markets. Its employees, carry out projects and maintenance & service operations in technical automation and electrical engineering.
In the Marine & Offshore market AB Marine delivers complete electrotechnical installations for the following types of vessels: passenger ships, luxury yachts, research and marine vessels, merchant navy and ships used for the offshore (including wind). As an independent system integrator, AB Marine takes care of the entire chain, from engineering to cable pulling and termination.
Together with Marine Design
Our work can be seen throughout EU, ranging from small initiatives to large high-profile projects for both Marine & Offshore clients.
The group distinctive feature is a flexible organisation of businesses that all have high-end specialist expertise regarding technology and construction.
Each company operates under its own name, but the companies also work together. For clients this pooling of effort and resources creates added value. For AB Marine this way of working provides a fertile ground for the growth of innovation and synergy. Moreover, it strengthens our capabilities and expertise in multidisciplinary engineering and installation.

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